Stalcup Consulting collaborates with financial services firms to develop winning communications strategies.

Our deep industry expertise and outside perspective help our clients to identify “blind spots” that may limit growth. Together we develop mitigation remedies to best overcome these limiting forces. We provide detailed, customized solutions, including comprehensive recommendations on messaging, covering content, tone, focus and effectiveness.

We have worked solely within the investment management industry – consulting to asset and fund managers, across all asset classes, as well as to consultants, RIAs and wealth managers for well over two decades. We collaborate with an experienced network of designers, writers and technology experts when needed.

Communications Coaching/Presentation Skills Training

Leaders build leaders. Throughout our partnership, we work to encourage communication and collaboration across internal teams, thus making them stronger communicators externally. We teach, polish, and strengthen communications and presentation delivery skills for professionals in a variety of roles – senior executives, investment professionals, distribution teams, and consultants/advisors – and with a wide range of presentation abilities.

Coaching programs for presenters who are:

  • Newer to Presenting
  • Senior Level Associates
  • Premier Class Executives
  • Tasked with crisis/sensitive communications

Programs include:

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Team Presentations
  • Group Workshops
  • Developing Retention Campaigns

Train presenters to:

  •  Help build and increase confidence
  • Strengthen delivery techniques and disciplines
  • Genuinely engage with and relate to audiences
  • Rehearse to improve effectiveness of conveying concise, clear and cohesive messaging
  • Respond to questions in a clear, concise manner
  • Effectively execute meetings/presentations in-person and virtually for both internal and external stakeholders

Positioning and Communications Strategies

We understand the industry – the trends, challenges and needs – as well as the demands, issues and opportunities put upon organizations to meet clients’ investment requirements. Our value comes from helping our clients recognize what they are doing right, as well as where and how they can make improvements to achieve even greater success.

Win/Loss Analysis Programs

Keeping a pulse on the competitive nature of your firm’s positioning requires a strategic communication plan. We create and build Win/Loss Analysis Programs that provide our clients with detailed and straightforward feedback from market decision makers. We interview investors and consultants about new business opportunities, those won or lost, and learn valuable information about their experience while working with your firm throughout the course of the new business development/sales process. We then provide recommendations for best practices leading to improvement and firm growth overall.

Strategic Communications/Marketing Programs

Just as markets evolve, so do companies. With the ever-increasing competitiveness within the investment management marketplace, complacency is counterproductive. We partner with our clients to develop and refresh communications, messaging, sensitive communications, brand identity, and collateral materials including website design.