Relatable: Effecting Change


Strong communications and presentation skills of professionals in the investment management industry are imperative to a firm’s success. Stalcup Consulting coaches, engages and provides tools to help our clients become more comfortable presenting and to be more effective at achieving consistency of messages, thus increasing closing ratios and retaining important relationships.

  • Plan: Coach presenters, individuals and teams, to strengthen delivery techniques and effectiveness of conveying concise, clear and cohesive messaging tailored to the audience

  • Rehearse: Instruct on communications and presentation skills through mock prospect, client or consultant rehearsals, including videotaping

  • Audience focused: Reinforce importance of being engaged, genuine and creating a dialogue; having composure coupled with conviction; reading queues, listening and reacting; expressing messages that matter

  • Mindful: Work to instill confidence and comfort in meetings; reinforce disciplines – show up, be present and avoid operating on autopilot

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